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Snow Removal Technician

Status: Seasonal Part-Time, On-call

Salary/Wage: Hourly

Relevant Work Experience: 1 Year Minimum Snow Removal and Heavy Machinery/Dump Truck

Job Summary: 

The Snow Removal Technician is responsible for working independently and as a team member under the direction of SUPERVISOR. Responsible for distributing necessary de-icing solutions and materials, de-icing and clearing of snow from walks, parking lots, and driveways, while maintaining worksite safety, providing customer service, and ensuring team communication and top quality service.

Essential Duties:

– Maintain a clean and safe work environment and ensure customer property is not damaged during snow removal

– Maintain all tools, equipment, and vehicles and ensure working functionality

– Safely and proficiently utilize snow removal equipment such as; dump trucks, shovels, plows, ATVs, vehicles with plow blades, and other heavy equipment and manual tools used for snow removal

– Safely and efficiently distribute de-icing solutions such as; calcium chloride and/or rock salt

– Must be able to physically perform duties in all weather conditions, especially very cold, icy, snowy weather

– Must be appropriately outfitted for cold, icy, snowy weather conditions

– Must be able to work well on a team and understand and perform duties given


– Minimum 1 year snow removal experience

– Minimum 1 year heavy machinery/dump truck experience

– Must have valid driver’s license and provide the company with a clean driving record

– Must be highly motivated, driven, and flexible

– Must have a high school diploma or equivalent

– Must be available for long, seasonal hours and have a clear schedule to work at all hours of the day. 

– Punctual with a positive attitude

– Ability to work effectively with unique individuals