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Sign Technician/Installer

This is a full time (40 hrs.) position. The sign production specialist will be involved in all aspects of sign production from production, cutting, and installation; to workflow management; and some customer interaction. As a result, this is a dynamic, fast paced position that requires the ability to multitask and prioritize effectively.

Some of the daily duties and primary responsibilities of the positions are:

⦁ Maintain continuous quality control.

⦁ Sign manufacturing

⦁ Must be willing to learn various application techniques

⦁ Work with other staff and customers to manage production workflow

⦁ Maintain clean, organized, and safe work area.

⦁ Manage the inventory of various consumable items (i.e. print material, substrates).

⦁ Apply vinyl to various substrates

⦁Installation of signage

Required skill sets for the position:

⦁ Attention to Detail

⦁ Basic Construction and Technological Knowledge

⦁ Experience with power and installation tools

⦁ Skill in using a full range of standard tools and devices to mount, cut, and install basic signage.

⦁ Familiar with standard vinyl installation techniques (on windows, walls, etc.).

⦁ Professional Appearance and Communication

⦁ Ability to communicate, interact and work effectively, cooperatively, and professionally with all coworkers and customers.

⦁ Reliable Transportation, Valid Driver’s License, and Clean Driving Record

⦁ Moderate Level of Physical Fitness

⦁ Ability to work while standing most of the day

⦁ Ability to lift/carry up to 60 lbs.

⦁ Comfortable working on a standard 10′ ladder or aerial lifts at various heights.

Preferred Prior Experience: Previous experience working in a sign shop in a production capacity is preferred. Should have a knowledge base that includes sign finishing (mounting, installing, etc.) and customer interaction. Basic knowledge of graphic design software is a benefit.

We have been producing signs, banners, and other large format items for the past five years and year-after year have experienced significant growth in this segment. We are looking for someone to join our team to provide leadership in this area and grow with the large format side of our business.